Carving and packaging


We carve all our meats in our workshops in Verviers. For Charly, carving is an important part of his job as a butcher. By misdoing it, meat could lose its flavor, especially with matured meats. Charly carves his meats according to the customers’ preferences. Of course, it isn’t easy to predict the exact weight while carving. For that reason, we predict a 6% margin.



Our meats are all vacuum packed. Why? Because it stops maturation and keeps the quality of the meat until its opening. Thereby, you keep a juicy and tasty meat until you cook it. The vacuum pack also preserves the meat longer. For matured meats, the maturation time is always indicated on the wrapping.

We send all our packages in isothermal boxes. They’ve been created especially for the transportation of food products. The meat keeps its freshness during transportation, thanks to cold diffusers and a specific protection. With this process, the cold chain is entirely respected, from sending to delivery.


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