Our passion

As a passionate butcher and true craftsman, Charles-Etienne Goeders values all pieces of a beast through his work, his savoir faire (boning and carving), his knowledge when it comes to tastes and uses and his personal practice for maturation. Each meat is meticulously selected and prepared to make it reveal its juicy and flavorsome taste. Thus, Charly and Anaïs help the customers to choose where and how to consume their high-quality meat in a different and more reasonable way.

A high-quality meat comes from an animal raised in respect and in the heart of our region. At Goeders’, we got this perfectly. Therefore, Charly works hand in hand with our local farmers. They agree together on how to feed the animal, how to raise it to get the best meat out of it, which will reveal its flavors at maturation. Let’s take the example of the Rouge Pie de l’Est, a 100% purebred beef, raised in the east of Belgium. Once matured, the meat truly reveals its unique taste.


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