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Passion is all about sharing and fulfilment… That’s why Charly regularly meets with local farmers to offer the best meats to his customers, both individuals and restaurants owners. According to him, his job as a butcher isn’t all about carving and selling the meat. It is also being active in every single stage, from selection to selling. That’s where he finds the beauty and the true passion of his job.


A good final product is nothing without a beast raised to respect the animal and the farm tradition. Thus Charles-Etienne makes sure the animal is raised in the best conditions and is fed with a rich and appropriated food. The aim of this practice is for the animal to become a high-quality meat, in particular when maturation will come. For a tasty and flavorsome meat, the farmer must single out a food full of herbs and forages, if possible produced in his own farm. We’re here talking about self-sufficiency.


Charly gives the priority to local farmers he really trusts to promote the local distribution channel and to enable a perfect traceability. He also works with European farmers to discover and rediscover unknown and forgotten meats – a guarantee of excellence and discovery of new meats.


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