Between the counter and the workshop, our team works on the three floors of a traditional and fully renovated house.


In the workshops, Charly and his team devote their energy every day to make their passion alive. The first floor welcomes the customers with a large counter: butchery, cold meats and catering. You can find there our top-quality meats, traditional and homemade cold meats and our fresh daily-specials from our catering service.

Furthermore, our delicatessen offers to our customers a large choice of exquisite local products, carefully chosen by Anaïs. We also have a maturation window just next to the counter: it shows to our customers some of our matured meats, almost ready to be for sale.

In the back, our cook Jonathan prepares catering daily-specials in the kitchen. The cold and the warm workshops are on the second floor. In the first workshop, our butchers carve and prepare the different pieces of meat. In the second, they smoke the meat, dry it and prepare our famous meatballs. 

Himalayan Salt Blocks

In the basement, we’ve installed an impressive maturation cellar, equipped with Himalayan salt blocks from Pakistan. This unique salt is considered as the purest in the world, protected from pollution and impurities. It creates a dry atmosphere, ideal for meat maturation. Slowly, our meats start to develop unique flavorings.


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