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Carving and packaging

Charly knows there’s no good meat without good packaging. Therefore, Charles-Etienne Goeders selected two shipping methods. We personally take care of all orders delivered in the Verviers area. Orders beyond this region will be delivered by DPD via express delivery. Our parcels are carefully packed in high-quality cardboard isothermal boxes. They also have an isothermal protection for a save preservation of the meat around 4°C (maximum) until 48 hours.

We opted for the express delivery service to respect the cold chain and to serve our customers in the best conditions. Our priority is to meet our customers’ needs. Therefore, Charly does his best to deliver the best top-quality meat, as if you came to pick it up directly from the shop!


In-store pickup

If you choose to collect your package directly at the shop, you cannot choose the date you come pick it up. Once you order is validated, it goes to the workshop and our team prepares it.

N.B: if you’d like to order for a specific date (events, communion…), please indicate it in the section “NOTES AND SPECIFIC REQUESTS” when you complete your order. Or please contact us at to set a date.


Delivery by carrier


  • Delivery by DPD

To assure your order will be delivered within 24 hours, to respect the cold chain and for food safety purposes, we don’t send any package from Friday up to and including Sunday.

N.B: If you’re not present at delivery, the delivery man will leave your order at the nearest drop off point. You can go pick it up until the end of the day. Otherwise, it will be lost.


  • Delivery by our driver

 N.B: if you’d like to be delivered a later day than the one written in the table hereinbelow, for your events (communions, wedding, barbecue…), please indicate it the section “NOTES AND SPECIFIC REQUESTS” when you complete your order. Or please call us at to set a date.



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