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From now on, each order made on the website (withdrawal in store) must be received in our Meat Time installed just in front of the store


Meat Time is a kind of refrigerated set up. From now on, when you place your order on our website you will come to withdraw it in the Meat Time. The advantage is that the Meat Time is accessible 24/24, 7/7 even if the store is closed. No more need to queue!


procedures meattime

  • Once your order has been prepared, you will receive an e-mail with a code to open your refrigerated compartment.
  • Insert your code on the keyboard located at the top of the fridge.
    Dial the code starting with * and ending with #.
  • Wait a moment ... a green button lights up and your refrigerated compartment opens.
  • Take your order and make sure to close the refrigerator compartment.
  • Enjoy your meal !


If you choose the withdrawal in store (Meat Time), here are the days where you can come to withdraw your order.


Monday before 3pm

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Tuesday (closing day)

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Wednesday before 3pm

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Thursday before 3pm

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Friday before 3pm

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Saturday before 1pm

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Sunday before 10am

Withdrawal possible the same day upon receipt of your code (valid 24h)

Our passion

As a passionate butcher and true craftsman, Charles-Etienne Goeders values all pieces of a beast through his work, his savoir faire (boning and carving), his knowledge when it comes to tastes and uses and his personal practice for maturation. Each meat is meticulously selected and prepared to make it reveal its juicy and flavorsome taste. Thus, Charly and Anaïs help the customers to choose where and how to consume their high-quality meat in a different and more reasonable way.

A high-quality meat comes from an animal raised in respect and in the heart of our region. At Goeders’, we got this perfectly. Therefore, Charly works hand in hand with our local farmers. They agree together on how to feed the animal, how to raise it to get the best meat out of it, which will reveal its flavors at maturation. Let’s take the example of the Rouge Pie de l’Est, a 100% purebred beef, raised in the east of Belgium. Once matured, the meat truly reveals its unique taste.

Who are we?

Goeders' Butchery is the achievement of fifteen years of passion, hard work and many adventures for Charles-Etienne Goeders, known as Charly, and his wife Anaïs. Twelve extra people have now joined them and contribute to the constant evolution of the business. With conviviality and closeness, Charly has always done his best to satisfy his customers and make them discover his passion.

An exceptional meat

His first professional asset is without a doubt his exceptional and high-quality meat. Regular customers come back for the same reason: for about fifteen years now, Charly has always shared with them the best of meat and gastronomy. He’s constantly searching for new ideas while he values unique and tasty meats, raised to respect the animal.

Among them, we have different breeds of pork (Duroc d’Olives, Pata Negra, Duke of Berkshire), beef (Rouge Pie de l’Est, Charolaise, Simmental, Aubrac, Rubia Gallera…), certified or organic poultry, veal (suckled calf), lamb (Prés Salés from the Baie de Somme, lait des Pyrénées, Belgian…) and many more.

Charly is a specialist of the matured (or dry-aged) meat. Therefore, he hopes that his customers discover his meat, its unique taste and exceptional flavor.

Progressive products

Since we believe there’s nothing better than eating local, we give the priority to handmade cold meats, exquisite meat from local farmers and dishes prepared by our cooks from our catering service. Goeders' Butchery offers a creative and changing assortment, according to the season, with fresh and high-quality products. Try Goeders to adopt it!

Our team

Charly opened his first butcher’s shop in 2001 with his wife, Anaïs. Since then, both were truly involved in their business, which today has become one of the most famous butcher’s in the Liège area. As the team evolved, we now count not less than twelve people working at Goeders’.

Among them, we have a cook, a culinary assistant, four butchers, four shop assistants including one student and a communication and quality manager. All meat lovers, of course!

Our Customers

In addition to our regular customers at the shop, Charly’s team also serves many restaurants, schools, sandwich bars in the Liège region, in particular in Verviers. We also offer a catering service for many events, such as communions, christenings, birthdays or barbecues with friends.

Our restaurant partners

If you’d like to try one of our delicious meats, here is the list of our restaurant partners. Please remember that our matured meats aren’t always available on the menu. Give them a call before going to make sure they have what you want.



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